Over a 35 year period the JPA Group of companies have become involved in a variety of construction projects throughout Australia and to a certain extent, overseas.  We have the experience over a broad template of projects ranging from the general residential, commercial and industrial to specialized works such as Grand Prix Circuits, Cemeteries and Mining infrastructure. We are now mastering Shop Fitouts particularly for the takeaway and dine in food industry including restaurants, hotels and motels. We also have involvement in Land Division.

Our specific competence is directed towards prefabricated and moveable structures for a variance of uses in remote areas.  Multi-residential accommodation is next on the list along with specialized projects which require “out of the square” thinking.

We have a portfolio of projects that could assist in providing ideas to determine a final design concept for your project. Our team is confident that it can assist you to produce the appropriate building designs to achieve the function required in a cost and time effective manner.

We look forward to your valuable comments and make available our representatives at your call to answer any questions you may have.

Several Company motto’s,

Nothing is impossible

Every problem has a solution

Quality not quantity