Project Gallery


Residential Dwellings, Apartment blocks, unit developments, dual occupancies, cluster development.
Residential interiors, site layouts, landscaping, signage, swimming pools, gymnasiums.
Commercial Office Buildings new and internal and external refurbishment and upgrades.
Industrial Buildings for specialised workshops, storage, warehousing, Bulky Goods, Food processing and production.

Interior Shop Fitouts

Takeaway and Dine in Food establishments including drive-in and alfresco.
Typical shop fitting in Large regional shopping centres or within local shopping precincts.
Office fitouts of all types.
Retails such as Boutiques, electronics, Newsagents, Wine Stores, Hardware Stores, Cafes, Convenience Stores.
Mobile Kitchens, commercial kitchens, Restaurants, Hotels, Motels.
Interior design of Dwellings, Display homes.

Precast Concrete Modules

Precast Concrete Modules fully fitted out and transported to location for Motels up to 3 storeys in height.
All types of Accommodation or other varied types of uses whether in Metropolitan, Regional or remote Australia.
Invert as plunge pools, water storage tanks, sewer treatment tanks, vessels for food production, mixing or simply storage.
Double Garage or your home.

Transportable Buildings

Modified Shipping Containers of size 12000 x 2400 x 3000 high combined with other containers or products up to several storeys high for a variety of uses, whether your Home, Units, retreat, shack, bunker, shed and so on.

Modified Shipping Containers for complete Motels, Mining Camps, Drillers Camps, Mining Villages, Caravan Parks, Office accommodation. The containers can be clad on the external face where it can be visualised as standard construction.

Land Division

Design, approval, subdivide and construct any size of subdivision, whether your house block into 2 lots or a multi residential subdivision. We specialise in Community Title gated Communities Subdivisions which provide a secure and safe environment fully serviced with facilities, Community Centre and landscaped parks.

We also provide Problem solving with utilities and statutory authorities.

Art Deco Furniture

We have for sale numerous Sideboards, Dining Table settings, light fittings, Lamps, Statues and many other Art Deco items particularly during the 1925 – 1940 period which were imported direct from France about 5 years ago.
The pieces are of superb design where the art deco style reflects the contemporary style of today.
We welcome your enquiry to arrange a viewing. We can send you photos in the first instance.